Government Subsidies

Panel Subsidies

Right now, yes, you get what's called STC's. STC stands for Small Scale Technology certificate. They trade like shares and depending on your solar retailer, how much they offer you for them.

  • For example, we offer up to $8,000 off the price for some residential single phase supplied homes. This is solar system size dependent.
  • For businesses with 99kW systems, that's a massive $74,000 off the price!

I have solar power already – Can I still get solar panel subsidies?

  • Yes – You can upgrade in size or replace you whole system and you will get the STC subsides - until the Govt revokes the STC subsidies plan.
  • No – If you are just replacing panels, you need to replace whole of system, which includes the inverter.

Export Subsidies

A per kilowatt purchase of your excess electricity. Some retailers currently offer 20cents per kilowatt! That's awesome!

QLD Govt FiT subsidies – 44 cents per kW

  • No longer available – applications ended June 30th 2012
  • Can I oversize my existing system on 44 cents and keep my subsidy – No
  • Can I add batteries? Only if set to use at night only, otherwise – No
  • Can I upgrade my inverter size – No
  • Can I replace my whole system to the size I was approved – Yes
  • Will I lose the subsidy if I sell the house – Yes
  • Will I lose the subsidy if I change names on the Electricity Bill? – if not to a spouse - Yes

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