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Solar Packages

Solar Power packages are ideally best designed to each individual users needs, with consideration to orientation, the structure, shading, and energy requirements, balanced against electricity retailer export offers and future energy storage plans.

Packages Starting From $23/week for a 6.6kW Solar System

  • Tier 1 300watt Solar Panels
  • 10 years Workmanship Guarantee
  • 10 years Panel manufactures warranty
  • 25 Panel Manufacturers performance guarantee
  • Inverter warranties vary with brand and also whether extended warranty options are chosen.

Repayments* from as low as $23 per week!

Potential Savings:

Your best method is to have a consultant sit with you and discuss present and future energy needs. For an estimate use our Solar Savings Calculator.

In any case, it's serious savings each year and it's way better than dead electricity payments and you can buy yourself a holiday every year or reduce your mortgage with your savings. How about turning the air-conditioner on without being so worried about the cost!

On average our customers are saving at least $2000 per annum!
We can also demonstrate savings up to $4500 per annum on residential single phase home depending on your roof size.

For a free appraisal and Energy Assessment click below:

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