Residential Solar Power Solutions

Most all our solutions in the current electricity market can save you a minimum of twice the weekly payments you see below, depending on your usage patterns and other regulatory factors.

Understanding your current power consumptions needs, your 'avoided' power usage, your future usage plans, your longevity at the premises and future battery needs are just some of the considerations our team or consultants that live near you, will sit with you, at no obligation, and calculate your most suitable size of solar power system and which solar solution give you the best return on investment (ROI), whilst also planning for future energy storage.

If solar doesn't work for you, we will tell you and if the return is poor, we will be upfront honest and explain why. However, in most cases we see, it makes sense.

Single-phase households price examples

6.6kW with Monocrystalline 300watt Solar panels
from $23 per week!1 (includes 5kW inverter)

13.2 kW with Monocrystalline 300watt Solar Panels
from $45 per week!1 (includes 10kW inverter)

Three-phase households price examples

6.6kW with Monocrystalline 300watt Solar panels
from $25 per week!1 (includes 6kW inverter!)


13.2 kW with Monocrystalline 300watt Solar Panels
From $35 per week!1 (includes 10kW inverter)

19.9 kW with Monocrystalline 300watt Solar Panels
from $54 per week!1 (includes 15kW inverter)

1 Subject to finance approval. Outright purchase prices available from consultants. For a fixed price including all extras like meterbox works, monitoring, spilt arrays, two story etc., our consultants will provide on-site.

What to Watch out for!

It's most important to have someone come to site and not to just assess your electricity usage, for now and the future, but assess your property. Similar to getting a pool quote, or fence replaced, there are factors that need to be considered. You don't want to be caught out with extra charges!

  • Is the Meterbox up to scratch?
  • Do you have a safety switch?
  • Is there the required room available?
  • Is your service single phase, two phase, three phase?
  • How does your hot water system integrate? What size is it?
  • Is there an Off peak meter that needs to be removed?
  • What are the shade issues and solutions?
  • Is the Meterbox approved by ENERGEX under current regulations in the Australian Standards AS4777?
  • What about the cable runs? Where will the cable run, will there be conduit on your walls?
  • How far will the Inverter be from the Meterbox, where will it be installed? Do we need high grade cable?
  • Is the installation location do-able from an access to the Meterbox point of view? What is the alternatives?
  • Is there access to Wi-fi from the location to monitor production?

The list goes on...

Where most customers get caught out is... choosing a solution based on price. I know its sounds like a sales pitch, but its fact, there is no such thing as a free lunch, you know this!... you get what you pay for, like anything. Just because two quotes say 6kW doesn't necessarily mean you are getting 6kW of power on the two different quotes (I know that sounds odd, but its possible), nor does it mean its apples for apples. Anyway, for a true and fixed quote, you need someone to come around that will be honest with you and.. we sell quality at competitive prices.

There is no magic wand and if it's cheap, then something had to give way! It could be panel quality (see our information on solar panels), it could be using contractors that were the cheapest for the job and perhaps they don't really use CEC qualified installers even though they say they do. Poor quality bill of materials for the installation, cable, connectors, attention to detail on fixings on your roof, there are so many items customers don't consider and some only see the Kilowatt size, inverter and price. It's not that simple. Maybe the “cheap” company don't plan to be around long to worry about future issues... In the last 5 years over 400 solar companies have gone belly up and/or became Phoenix companies re-merging as someone else. Many times we have installed new systems for customers and removed the 'cheap' one they had installed previously.

You don't want to be buying twice! And you want the best quality and best installation work on your valuable home!

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